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Expedition Botched!
Expedition News 3/03/2013

We at exploringtokyo.com are reluctant to report that our explorer K.T. has managed to completely botch the First Canadian Expedition to Japan by attempting to smuggle into the country 40 liters of Canadian Maple Syrup... read on...

Fugitive in Japan!
Explorer's Log 3/02/2013

What a fool I was! Thinking I could bring undetected 40 liters of premium maple syrup along as sustenance for the First Canadian Expedition to Japan (For the un-initiated, Canadians don’t drink water, they only drink maple syrup).

After clearing Security at Kansai International Airport I was... read on...

What is this Expedition thing?

The Expedition is a journey which follows in real time, explorer K.T. Litchfield on the first ever Canadian Expedition to Japan: a full geographic and ethnic survey of the country. The purpose of said expedition is to determine Japan's eligibility of colonization by Canada (Because Canada has become too cold and the Canadians have begun an uprising).

The expedition begins March 10th. Stay tuned!

Explorer's Log

Follow our able explorer’s daily progress, failures, musings and mis-adventures in the Explorer’s Log. Entries are frequent and not necessarily every day. The log serves as the ‘root page’ which breaks down further into more detailed pages listed below.


The Expedition abounds with specimens, discoveries and other rarities found. Explore the Discoveries section to find the strange and mundane of Japan; that is through the eyes of our explorer.


For the first time ever in history you can be one of the few to view original footage of Japan! Explore the Cinematography section to find copious video footage of every possible aspect of life in Japan


The bulk of articles, reports and information of the Expedition is found in the Anthropology section, where you can gain first hand knowledge of the mysterious culture that is the Japanese, from etiquette to diet.


The mysteriousness of Japan does not stop with the natives for the flora and fauna are equally perplexing. The Geography section features reports on not only flora, fauna and climate but also for the first time in history cartography (maps) of the island of Japan!.


The incomprehensible language that is Japanese is without a doubt impossible to be learned or studied by anyone other than a native Japanese. Despite of this we make an attempt.

Commerce & Industry

Money makes the world go round, and Japan is very round indeed. In the Commerce & Industry section we study the complex web of business and economy and evaluate the countries resources and capabilities.

Military & Political

Being still governed by an ancient feudal system, we take heed in observing and respecting this age-old sensibilities. In the Government & Military section you can learn about the countries’ infrastructure and political system.